About Us

Mr. Pradeep Bhanot is a CPA, CGA, LPA practicing as Bhanot Professional Corporation in the city of Mississauga catering to the local businesses in GTA and Ontario wide. He has experience of more than 40 years in the field of accounting and taxation. He has successfully guided many small to midsize businesses over the years and had a client patronage of three generations, implicating his commitment and dedication to providing client specific solutions. His knowledge and expertise in the areas of re-organization of corporate structure has helped his client successfully manage and pass over the business to next generation.

He is actively involved in community development programs and has a vision to give back to the society in terms of better/ quality advice and services.

Having a client base in manufacturing, logistics, computers, services, retail and wholesales, Not for profit organization, financial institutions and healthcare, he has a vast experience to deal with any and every type of businesses.