Business Plan

Are you planning on expanding your existence business or setting up a new unit. Do you need loan and financial institutions are asking you some projections or business plans. We can definitely assist you on that as we have experience of making business plans and projection over a wide range of businesses. In the past 30 years, our clients have successfully used various finance sources based on the projections and business plan prepared and presented by us .

Re-organisation of corporate structure

  • Are you planning to change the structure of your business from sole proprietorship and partnership to corporation and worried that it might attract tax incident on deemed transfer.
  • Are you really worried that the hard work you put into your successful business empire might not reach your next generation.
  • Are you thinking as how to pass on the reign of your business as per your succession plans without giving up control over your net worth.
  • Are you thinking if it is advisable to buy shares of a company or assets
  • Are you planning to set-up a family trust

If you are dealing with questions as mentioned above, then you have come to right place as we can help you deal with such situation stress free. we have a dedicated team of lawyers, tax practitioner and accountants and industry expert who can guide you through a series of simple steps to reach your goal.
We are helping our clients in estate freeze, section 85 rollover, sale/ purchase of shares vs. assets and setting up family trust for last 30 years. Our team has combined experience of 76 years dealing with such matters